Scam Emails and a bit of baiting


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    1. hi,
      i got a job offer from a UK,S oil & gas company thru proper process of filling interview form now they saying u got selected but you will have to pay for your uk,s work permit since u never worked in this country.. i need help please

      1. I am unable to advise on the information provided but I can offer some general advice.

        Where did you first hear about the job? A legitimate company would advertise in a recognised publication or website, not send out spam emails. See the employment category for examples.

        Have you researched the company? UK companies can be found at WebCheck. Note: Scammers may pretend to represent legit companies.

        What is the contact Email. Legitimate companies would use their own domains, not gmails etc.

        If the domain looks genuine, check the webpage on that domain.

        Have you had a proper interview. You may have filled in a form but a legit company would want to at least speak to you.

        You would normally expect to deal with the UK government for Visa applications. How are they asking you to pay. Legit companies would not request Western Union or Moneygram.

        Do you have special skills or experience that would make you attractive to a UK based company. It would be unusual to get anywhere with a job application if you did not already have the right to work in the U.K.

        Again, I do not know anything about your individual case. All I can list is some warning signs.

  1. some scam people were fraud me connect to nigeria-uk that as inherıtanced event not real ,ı report them,names such as :emma peterson(barr.)=Rev.Augustain Budgets:lfoly loan company,TOGO People ‘s Ms.Serina Johnson,inherıtance saw as fake ,be careful this people,ı cautıon you, ı will say after time gain,Have good christmass ,ı wish.

    Mr.Servet KÖSEM

  2. +121*****41 I keep getting a text from a man who say he is Mark Zuckerburg and I have won a Facebook /instagram award lottery as my name was pulled up. Is this a scam?

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