Scam Emails and a bit of baiting

Saudi Prince grant

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Your Eligibility Status has been confirmed to receive a grant of USD3,000,000.00 From the Alwaled Philanthropies Organization.

To: [email protected]
From: BrendingHat
Subject: Prince Alwaled bin Talal grant


I have been asked to contact you regarding a grant from Prince Alwaled bin Talal. please can you let me have more details


To: BrendingHat
From:Mr. Roy Henshaw <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 01:26:23 +0100
Subject: Re: Prince Alwaled bin Talal grant

Attention Beneficiary,

We sincerely thank you for your prompt reply to our email. You have been selected to receive this great Grant, organized by the Alwaleed Philanthropies Organization. Kindly download and read the full details on how you were selected, after reading the detailed MOU, kindly download and complete the verification form so we can proceed with the process of approving your Grant to you. The files are in PDF format and they are 100% safe to download. All completed forms should be sent to Email: [email protected]

Roy Henshaw
Alwaleed Philanthropies Organization
Intl. Grant Award Division United Kingdom

Verification Form.pdf



Attention: Beneficiary,

Thank you for responding to our email regarding your grant confirmation of Three Million United States Dollar from The Alwaleed Philanthropies Organization. The Alwaleed Philanthropies Organization was established on 1996 by Saudi Arabian philanthropist HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal to give economic support to social empowerment of women through education’ medical, health and social assistance; humanitarian assistance, and international charities. The Foundation is currently going on with huge success since its inception. As part of its expansion and broader reach, Alwaleed Philanthropies Organization has decided to support individuals by financing their businesses/dreams and charitable organizations to improve their standard of living by ensuring that each beneficiary supports any charity of their choice within their immediate community. By doing this, there is a chain of support for the under privilege and growth of businesses thereby increasing productivity and employment rate which is the sole aim of this grant.

It is of paramount importance to note that this is NOT a lottery win or a regular grant application which solely accounts for my direct communication with you but it will follow the regular legal grant procedures. You did not apply for this grant as we launched a closed door multi selection of bulk emails spreading across Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North and South America (USA) and six(6) individuals/organizations where chosen from each continent to receive Three Million United States Dollar each as beneficiaries of this project based on mere luck for individuals and certain criteria for charitable organizations .

To process and receive your grant of Three Million United States Dollar, kindly fill the BENEFICIARY DATA FORM attached to this email. It is saved as PDF which is safe to open. You are required to print out the verification form and complete the requested information and have it scanned back to me. You can also type out all the required information and send via email if you do not have a printer.

On submission of the BENEFICIARY DATA FORM, we will process and pay your grant to you immediately. This grant has a validity period of seven(7) working days from today so ensure to give prompt communication to this office so we can process and pay you off within the specified timing

Roy Henshaw
Alwaleed Philanthropies Organization
Intl. Grant Award Division United Kingdom

To: BrendingHat
From:Mr. Roy Henshaw <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2016 22:59:05 +0100

Alwaleed Philanthropies Organization

Please find attach in this email is your ALWALEED CERTIFICATE OF WINNING WITH EU to your names as winner agreed to be paid 3 million USD

Please kindly contact our paying bank below and comply to provide all necessary requirement to transfer your 3 million USD to your i bank account. Please contact our bank by email

Bank address: European Central Bank UK
194 Fleet Street, London,
EC4A 2LT, United Kingdom
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax + 44:2055456665
Tel: +447024076287
Account Officer: Mr. John Samuel

Our organization will expect that you reply back to us and send this document to the bank as instruction for transfer instructions to your account.

Roy Henshaw
Alwaleed Philanthropies Organization
Intl. Grant Award Division United Kingdom


Time constraints meant I failed to reply in reasonable time