Scam Emails and a bit of baiting

Silver Obiang Greetings from Silver Obiang

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WARNING: These are scams. They are Emails sent to a honeytrap address only ever used for this purpose. Do not reply to these people, they will try to con you into paying out money in return for nothing.

CAVEAT: Please note that some of these Emails may be impersonating a genuine company or person. We wish to make it clear that any such name mentioned within these Emails has no connection to the scam. For the sake of searching, we leave these messages untouched, but we will respond to any concerns left in our comments.

From: "Silver Obiang"<[email protected]>
Reply: <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2020 21:26:32 -0000
Subject: Greetings from Silver Obiang

Dear Sir/ Madam ,

I am Mr Silver Obiang, a serving civil servant from Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, currently on a six week official visit in Pretoria South Africa. I am contacting you because I am seeking for a real business professional with whom I can be involved in partnership overseas, who also have the ability to manage an investment portfolio in your country, preferably in Real estate or Housing Development. The proposed investment profile will be large in volume and scale, but because of the restrictive employment regulations in my country, I cannot do this while under state employment.

My primary preference is for someone from your country, hence this proposal to you. I like to know if you are disposed to that kind of engagement, so that we may open further conversation along that line and explore what is possible. The civil service and employment regulations in my country prohibit me from getting involved in private overseas business, while under government or corporate employment, hence this proposal to you.

If you indicate interest, I can proceed to opening up a vast conversation with you, so you can have a better knowledge of the proposal.

I look forward to your response if this appeals to you. Please reply here: [email protected]

Yours Sincerely,

Mr S. Obiang

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