Scam Emails and a bit of baiting


  1. My name is : mohammad

    Address : ****************

    My cell phone number: *********************
    Home phone : *****************
    I recieved mail according my fund transfer you at 2: am 26 june 2019
    My mail is : ********************
    You sent mail tome at 26 june 2019

    Iwillbe waitedfor you

  2. I sent Id card , my name , and my address to carles gates from fedral bank NYC

    And all of information sent to ******


    I am wating for deliver my fund

  3. I have never been able to understand why I get an occasional comment replying to the Email we have published as a scam. Possibly language difficulties, but they can read English well enough to read the message in the first place. This person was kind enough to send me his full name, address, bank details. It is frightening to see how easy it is to fool some people.

    How did they get to this site to begin with? What were they searching for and why?

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