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Am ge

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WARNING: These are scams. They are Emails sent to a honeytrap address only ever used for this purpose. Do not reply to these people, they will try to con you into paying out money in return for nothing.

CAVEAT: Please note that some of these Emails may be impersonating a genuine company or person. We wish to make it clear that any such name mentioned within these Emails has no connection to the scam. For the sake of searching, we leave these messages untouched, but we will respond to any concerns left in our comments.

From: Am ge <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2018 12:30:32 +0000 (UTC)

PLEASE REPLY ME THROUGH MYPRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS ([email protected])My dear hear the cry ofan orphan as i have noticed that I am orphan, first of all let me introducemyself to you before I will go ahead for my reason of contacting you, My name is Miss AminaSaitoti 21yrs old female the only daughter of George Saitoti the former KenyanInternal Security Minister, My belovedfather George Saitoti and his assistant Joshua Orwa Ojodeh were killed in ahelicopter crash in Ngong Forest in Kenyan East Africa. The accident happenedon June 10th 2012. On Sunday few minutes after they had taken off from Wilson Airport Kenyan with a new police helicopter, heading for a fundraiser in Ndiwa constituency.You can read more about the incidence trough the below website, throughout when myfather was alive, his wife which i take as my mother and his son as my bloodbrother without knowing they are not my biologically mother and blood brother, because i noticedthat my mother dont visit me in school as my father do also she dont she meany motherly care, and my brother dont come close to me even if i called himon phone he dont like to pick my calls, infarct they all behalves stringcharacters to me is only my father that take care of me and show me love, and inever know that my father adopted me and i never know that the person i calledmy biologically mother is not my mother and my brother is not my blood brotheras i think before the death of my father, After the burial of my father, mymother start changing all my father’s property to her son personal name been mybrother. i said nothing because i know my mother dont love me, few monthslater our family lawyer visited us and said that she want to see me alone andmy mother pick offence about that and said that the lawyer should explain whyin public, and the lawyer refuse to do that, finally the lawyer called me outand see me alone, also hand over to me my father will certificate about me anda deposit certificate of a huge amount of money $5.5Million United StateDollars, in one bank with my name as the legal next of kin to inherit the fundin another country called Burkina Faso.but due to i havenoticed that the person i called my mother dont love me i have to hide thedocuments away before coming back to house on my return my mother called mewith my brother ask me what happened and i explain to them, and she becomeangry with me with my brother, because of this the person i called my motherexplain everything about me and tell me that the money did not belong to me,because i was adopted by my father, also said that she is not in support of theadoption, and said for that reason I must give her the fund documents, and lookfor someone that will go and leave her husband house, I cried with agony and theperson i called my brother beat me merciless and necked me with all kind ofmaltreatment and luck me in toilet, for 2days, finally i escape from our houseto the nearby city with the documents,Now I am constrained to contact you because of the abuse andmaltreatment I am receiving from the woman her son because i will not call hermy mother again hence I have noticed that she is not my mother. So I decided toI traveled to Burkina Faso to withdraw the money for a better life so that Ican take care of myself and start a new life, on my arrival, the Bank Directorwhom I met in person told me that my father’s instruction/will to the bank isthat the money would only be release to me when I am married or present aforeign trustee who will help me and invest the money overseas. Presently seeking asylumunder the United Nations High Commission for the Refugee here in Ouagadougou , Republic of Burkina Faso . BecauseI dont have money to lodge in a Hotel, I am in search of an honest andreliable person who will help me and stand as my trustee so that I will presenthim to the Bank for transfer of the money to his bank account in overseas. Ihave chosen to contact you after my prayers and I believe that you will notbetray my trust. But rather take me as your own sister or daughter. So myfather of blessed memory deposited the sum of (US$5.500, 000) Dollars in Bankwith my name as the next of kin. However, I shall forward you with thenecessary documents on confirmation of your acceptance to assist me for the transfercountry. As you will help for the investment, and I will like to complete mystudies, as I was in my year (1) in theuniversity when my beloved father died. It is my intention to compensate youwith 40% of the total money for your services and the balance shall be mycapital in your establishment. As soon as I receive your positive responseshowing your interest I will put things into action immediately. In the lightof the above. I shall appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingnesstoHandle this transactionsincerely.Please dont disclose itto any one until I come over because I am afraid of This woman who hasthreatened to kill me and have the money alone, I thank God Today that am outfrom my country (KENYA) but now In (Burkina Faso) where my father depositedthese money with my name as the next of Kin. I have the documents for theclaims.Yours SincerelyMiss Amina Saitoti PLEASE REPLY ME THROUGHMY PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS ([email protected])

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