Scam Emails and a bit of baiting

general kristin Lund PROPOSAL

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WARNING: These are scams. They are Emails sent to a honeytrap address only ever used for this purpose. Do not reply to these people, they will try to con you into paying out money in return for nothing.

CAVEAT: Please note that some of these Emails may be impersonating a genuine company or person. We wish to make it clear that any such name mentioned within these Emails has no connection to the scam. For the sake of searching, we leave these messages untouched, but we will respond to any concerns left in our comments.

From: general kristin Lund <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2017 02:27:27 +0800

Dear Sir,

I am Major General Kristin Lund from United Nations peace keeping
force commanding the military in Damascus and Rif Damashq
Governorates in Syria regards the War in syria. At this moment I want
you to hold this top secret to see if you will help me to secure the
sum of $2,500,000 usd (two million,five hundred thousand united state
dollars) which I recovered on our patrol in Damascus and Rif Damashq
Governorates in Province of Syria. this money was found while on
patrole with i and my colleagues and we have shared it accordingly ,so
my own share is $2,500,000 and as a military man i am not allowed to
be seen with such money ,that is why i want to move it out for
investment and that's why i contacted you .

I will be oblige to educate you more on this when i receive your reply
to this proposal and make sure this will be between you and i alone
I will transfer the money to you where you will be the beneficiary,
because I am a uniformed man and I cannot be parading with such amount
so this is the reason why i need someone who will be a partner and
also a representative, I am an Norwegian and an intelligence officer
for that so I have a 100% authentic means of transferring the money
through diplomatic courier service or maybe i will instruct my
consultant to contact the security finance bank where it is kept for
in a security trust fund since i can not move out of the camp for now
or make direct phone calls because phone calls are monitored here
unless we contact through email . I just need your acceptance and all
is done.i will give you 30% as my beneficiary and someone who will be
my partner for investment and 70% is mine,i want to use this money for
investment as My primary target is to invest in Agriculture, Mining,
Hotel & real Estate or oil and gas; alternatively you can suggest any
other viable areas in which we can invest. If you can be trusted and
really serious to handle this partnership with all honesty, then
contact me and forward your investment plans, along with your company
details/profile and contact numbers in copies via email

i hope i am being fair on this that in the next few days as
you accept the money will be with you.
get back to me with the below informaions for the transfer of the
funds and verification of you as trust.
get back to me through this email ([email protected])


Thanks and God bless
Major General Kristin Lund
Syrian peace keeping mission.

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