Scam Emails and a bit of baiting

Robert Kossi Donnel Read and reply for Details

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WARNING: These are scams. They are Emails sent to a honeytrap address only ever used for this purpose. Do not reply to these people, they will try to con you into paying out money in return for nothing.

CAVEAT: Please note that some of these Emails may be impersonating a genuine company or person. We wish to make it clear that any such name mentioned within these Emails has no connection to the scam. For the sake of searching, we leave these messages untouched, but we will respond to any concerns left in our comments.

From: Robert Kossi Donnel <[email protected]>
Reply: [email protected]
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2017 12:29:17 -0700
Subject: Read and reply for Details

From: Robert Kossi Donnel
Head of Operation, Bank Internal Account Department
Email: [email protected]

Attention: Dear Partner,

Good day & Happy to reach you through Your email,

I am Robert Kossi Donnel, Head Of Operation ( SOGEDEBK BANK , THE
SOCIETE GENERAL DEVELOPMENT BANK ) and the Bank Account Officer to our
late Bank customer ,who work as Director Of Engineer with the Federal
Air-Aviation Commission here in my Country ( Lome – Togo ) before he
died in 2013 after a brief illness. Our late customer deposited the
sum of ( US$6,700,000.00 ) with our Bank ( SOGEDEBK BANK , THE
SOCIETE GENERAL DEVELOPMENT BANK ) here in my country( Lome – TOGO ).

As the personal Bank Account officer to our late customer, I have been
instructed and mandated by the Bank Directors, Bank Management Board
and the Bank Internal Financial Service Authority to locate and
present the late customer's relative/next of kin to make claims to the
said deposited fund US$6,700,000.00) with my approval and legal
backing as the personal bank Account officer. I have tried all effort
ad my best to locate any of his relatives/next of kin to make the
claim(s) to the said deposited fund failed. As out late customer did
not have any next of kin or relative's name, address or contact on
record with the Bank. i could not locate anyone as next of kin or

As a result, I am taking this advantage to solicit for your maximum
co-operation, understanding and support. You and our late customer are
from the same country and have the same surname. I solicit for your
total loyalty to stand as the relative/next of kin to my late customer
to make claims to this said deposited fund

I will present you as the next of kin and enter all your contact
information needed into the Bank (SOGEDEBK BANK, THE SOCIETE GENERAL
DEVELOPMENT BANK) database for authentication and validate you as the
rightful next of kin.

I really need your assistance and co-operation to make claim to this
unclaimed fund (US$6,700,000.00). With all my approval and legal
backing, I will present you as my late client's relative (Next Of Kin)
to make claim to the said fund. As his personal account officer, I
have all the Banking Account details ( All Information needed ) and
all legal backing to make the claim of this funds with you, before the
Bank Directors ad Bank Management Board get the fund ( US$6,700,000.00
) seized , confiscated or declared unclaimed.
I have resolved to share this fund with you as 50% for you, 50% for me.
To start and proceed on all procedures for the processing of this
claim(s), I need your full contact information:-

Private email address……
Full Name :….
Complete Address:…….
Mobile Telephone:.
Home Telephone:….

I will make all necessary information known to you for your
understanding with all the detail procedures and processing.
Furthermore, I guarantee and assure you that the transaction will be
executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect your
interest from any breach of the law.

Contact me via my private email ([email protected]) for
more details.

I will appreciate your timely response.

Yours Sincerely,

Robert Kossi Donnel
Head of Operation, Bank Internal Account Department
Email: [email protected]

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