Scam Emails and a bit of baiting


brendinghatIn real life, I am a very experienced IT professional with a special interest in security. Inspired by websites such as and 419awareness I have decided to use my experience to help in the fight against the scammer. All the Emails published on here have been sent to my “capture” email account. This Email account has never been used apart from when I posted to a couple of unprotected guestbooks (intentionally). Within hours I started to receive the scams, currently at a rate of ten a day. The guestbooks I used were specifically selected for scamming Emails and even I was surprised that this is the type of Emails I started to receive. Having said that, it is possible that some “genuine” spams come through and some legitimate companies may end up on the list. Its their fault though for having dubious marketing techniques. DO NOT BE FOOLED. If your Google search led you to a page on here, you have received a SCAM. You win lotteries by buying a lottery ticket from a recognised company. No one has ever given their fortune to a random stranger because they were dying. No one will ever trust a random stranger to enter into huge money transactions.


Please do not try this at home!